How Do Toxins Create Fat?

How Do Toxins Create Fat?

Once in your body, toxins do four things that help manufacture fat:

1. Slow down your metabolism.
2. Decrease your body’s ability to burn fat.
3. Slow down the time it takes for you to feel full (this is called the satiety response time).
4. Traps fat in the body. Defense system. Fat surrounds toxins that it can’t expel out of the body.

The problem is, your body simply wasn’t built to deal with the toxins that you are constantly being bombarding with in today’s world. This has never before occurred in the history of the human race. Our Body is being bombarded with Toxins every day. From the air we breathe, to the water we drink (not to mention all the soda, energy drinks, diet drinks etc.), Water we bathe and shower in, food we eat. Processed food is a killer. It seems that everything we do has chemicals in them, from shampoo and soap to diet drinks with aspartame and lotions, lawn care, etc. Our bodies can’t combat all the man- made chemicals that we use.

What is the Answer?

Would we put our head in the sand or say YOLO? No ,there are some great ways to help Detox the body.

Watch what you are putting in your mouth.

  • Whole foods are best. Food in its natural form is great for the body. Example, an apple, or cucumber.
  • Reverse Osmosis for drinking water. Research has shown that RO is one of the best ways to purify your water.
  • Avoid Chemicals such as Aspartame, High fructose Corn syrup, and the millions used in processed food.


  • It is very important to do a detox/cleanse periodically.
  • There are good and not so good ways to do it.
  • In our office, we can help you with a cleanse that is right for you and your body. i. Example: Total Tea, Liver Detox, Nulean, Standard Process 21 day Cleanse, homeopathies and more.

After a cleanse you may notice: Less sugar cravings, more energy, better digestion, less brain fog, less
headaches, overall feeling of well being and health.

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