Spinal Nerve Function

Spinal Nerve Function

Check out this chart to quickly identify how possible nerve damage to your spinal chord could be interfering with your body’s natural function!

Nerve Root Innervation
Possible Symptoms
C1 – C4 Intracranial Blood Vessels,

Eyes, Lacrimal Gland, Paratid Gland, Scalp, Bas of Skull, Neck mescles Diaphragm

Headaches, Migraine Headaches, dizziness, sinus problems, allergies, head colds, fatigue, vision problems, runny nose sore throad, stiff neck, cough, croup, arm pain, hand and finger numbness or tingling asthma, heart conditions, high blood pressure
C5-C8 Neck Muscles, Shoulders, Elbow, Arms, Wrists, Hands, Fingers, Esophagus, Heart, Lungs, Chest
T1-T4 Arms, esophagus, heart, lungs, chest, larynx, trachea Wrist, hand and finger numbness or pain, middle back pain, congestion, difficulty breathing, asthma, high blood pressure, heart conditions, bronchitis, pneumonia, gallbladder conditions, jaundice, liver conditions, stomach problems, ulcers, gastritis, kidney problems
T5-T10 Gallbladder, liber, diaphragm, stomach, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, small intestine, appendix, adrenals
T11 Small Intestines, colon, uterus
T12 Uterus, colon, buttocks
L1-L5 Large intestines, burrocks, groin, reproductive organs, colon, thighs, knees, legs, feet Constipation, colitis, diarrhea, gas pain, irritable bowel, bladder problems, menstrual problems, low back pain, pain or numbness in legs
Sacral Buttocks, reproductive organs, bladder, prostate gland, legs, ankles, feet, toes Constipation, diarrhea, bladder problems, menstrual problems, lower back pain, pain or numbness in legs

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