The Power of You

The Power of You


A quiet revolution is gaining momentum in spine science.  The biopsychosocial model is challenging the simplistic biomedical model.  What this means is it is becoming more apparent that a patients unique biologic and physiological circumstance enters into the healing process.

The power of suggestion and corresponding patient expectations regarding outcomes can have major effects in spinal medicine.

Scientists are also studying the relationship between emotions, brain connectivity and pain.

CBS News reported on a paper in aging that examined personality traits in people 95 years of age and older.  The researchers reported that most had positive personality traits: the majority were outgoing, optimistic and easy going.  As noted by the CBS New, “They (the seniors) considered laughter an important part of life”.

In a study, allergy patients who watched a Charlie Chaplin comedy had their skin welts shrink, an effect not found in control subjects who watched weather reports.

A frequently asked question asked by patients is, “To what extent do intent and attitude affect health outcomes?”

Although these issues may seem unrelated growing body of evidence suggests that factors may significantly affect the healing process.  Attitude matters.

Along with chiropractic adjustments, patients attitudes contribute to the healing process.

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