Infant chiropractic gaining popularity as way to treat common illnesses

Infant chiropractic gaining popularity as way to treat common illnesses

This article posted originally on on May 6, 2014 by Brooke Walker

SALT LAKE CITY — A new kind of “mommy medicine” is raising eyebrows.

From essential oils to infant massage, more moms are giving alternative medicine a try. Here’s another option we’re hearing a lot about: women taking their babies to the chiropractor.

Baby Milo had his first chiropractic visit when he was 5 months old.

“He had breast-feeding issues and I also noticed that one side of his head was balding,” Milo’s mother said.

Infant chiropractic isn’t new, but now that the “mommy pipeline” has gone viral, more moms are turning to this alternative method to deal with common childhood illnesses, and they are touting the benefits on blogs and Facebook posts for other moms to see.

They have heard from other moms that it’s helped their children in breast-feeding issues, colic, digestive problems, ear infections, allergies and asthma.

Salt Lake City chiropractic physician Shannon Parisi said many infant and childhood issues can clear up when the body is functioning better, but she stops short of saying there is a direct correlation.

“We don’t claim to treat any of those issues. We just want to clear out their nervous system, so that they’re going to function properly,” she said.

And Parisi points out that infant adjustments aren’t like adult adjustments.

“Adjusting an infant’s neck is literally like gently pushing on a peach and not putting a dent,” she said.

Critics say there is no scientific evidence infant chiropractic works but Milo’s mother said personal experience is all the proof she needs.

“Within weeks we started noticing his hair was growing back and as far as breast-feeding equally on both sides, he had full range of motion,” she said.

Several local pediatricians declined to comment on the chiropractic practice.

Information provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics says further studies are needed to determine the costs, benefits and safety.


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