How to Handle Headaches

How to Handle Headaches

Have you heard of a shortage of Ibuprofen?  With as many headaches as there are, and people over dosing themselves with Ibuprofen, you would think we would be running out of it.

Are headaches normal?

You might answer yes, but the answer is no. Headaches are common but not normal.

An estimated 45 million Americans answer yes to the question, asking if they suffer from recurrent headaches. It is also estimated that 80% Americans experience some form of headache each year.

Headaches result primarily from the stretch or irritation to the nerves and arteries of the upper neck and spine. Headaches can last a few hours or several days.

There are a variety of causes for headaches.

  • Injury
  • Poor posture
  • Muscle tension
  • Work position
  • Stress.

All of these interfere with the nerves which branch out between the spinal vertebra.  Any kind of interference or stress to a nerve will cause the nerve to transmit incorrect impulses to your organs and cells. Depending on the stress, nerve impulses will transmit too much of a signal or not enough which can give you the symptoms of a pounding or constricting type of headache.

Remember, Chiropractic care goes after the cause of the headache, not the symptom. Research has shown that Chiropractic has been successful in helping those who suffer from reoccurring headaches in 90% of the cases studied.

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