Flip flops A.K.A Foot flops

Flip flops A.K.A Foot flops

Have you ever wondered why flip flops are so inexpensive?  Or why your feet hurt after standing on flip flops?  I think that if everyone understood that flip flops are causing many feet, ankle, knee and hip and back problems, they wouldn’t go with the cheapest thing out there.

When you wear shoes or flip flops with no support you lose a very important aspect of your standing ability.  Your arch in your foot over time will start to fall, which will cause major problems down the road.  Buying cheap, can lead to expensive later.

With no support for your arch, it will cause you to have excessive pronation/ or arch collapse.  “When either of these conditions is present, a torque force produces internal rotation to the leg, hip, pelvis and low back.” 1  This is an easy check, while standing have someone put their fingers under your arch, if there is no room then you have excess pronation.

You can have the opposite which is called fixed supination/or high-arched foot.  “This results in a foot that is more rigid and hits the ground harder.  The poor absorption of shock and lack of flexibility cause biomechanical disorders, such as sacroiliac joint and lumbar facet irritation.”2

So, with poor support while you walk, stand and exercise you may experience problems now or down the road.  It is very important to wear good shoes, including sandals.  Not all shoes are created equal.  If you want help in selecting a good shoe or sandal, come in and let us help you.  There are sandals and flip flops with arch support.

In conclusion, I feel it is very important to maintain good posture, balance and alignment, function, and performance.  Your body is made to last years, what you do now can affect your years to come.  Make good choices….Get Well, Live Well.

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