Chiropractic Care, Part 2

Chiropractic Care, Part 2

By Dr. Wade Thompson

Do You Have Decreased Energy?

Low energy can be an indication that there is a problem going on in the body.  Poor diet, poor sleeping habits, even dehydration can be the causes of low energy levels.  Another common reason is improper mechanics in the joints of the body and especially the spine that takes a huge toll on the body.  The longer this dysfunction stays in the joints the more likely it is that you will use more energy to do the same activities that before used little or no energy.

Are You Achy In The Morning?

Waking up stiff and achy in the morning is a sign that there is a problem in the joints in the body.  When a joint in the body is not working the way it should because it is out of place, it is sprained, or if it is not moving properly, the body will fill the joint up with swelling.  This swelling happens the most when you are not moving the joint, (this is because if you move a joint, some of the swelling is pumped out), and the time you are not moving for the longest period of time is at night when you are sleeping.  This is the reason that you may wake up stiff and achy and by the time you get moving around and into the shower you are loosened up a bit more.

Does Your Current Job Require You To Spend Long Hours Sitting Or Engaging In Repetitive Motions?

You are not alone.  Most Americans have jobs that keep us in a seated position for most of our day.  The problem is that we are not made to sit for extended periods of time.  When you sit, especially at the computer, you are most likely putting your head, neck, mid back and low back in a very vulnerable position.  The longer that you sit, the more likely it is that you are creating dysfunction in the three areas mentioned above.  This dysfunction could be fixations in the joints (the joints getting stuck) or even misalignment of the bones and joints. These dysfunctions can lead to degeneration and even disturbances in your nervous system.   If you have times during the day when you feel you need to stretch your neck or your shoulders are beginning to feel “tight” it is important you are examined by a chiropractor.

Are You 50 Years of Age or Older and Suffering From Multiple Muscle/Joint Problems?

Every day we are alive is a stress on our bodies.  As we grow older the joints and muscles in our bodies tend to weaken and become more vulnerable to these stressors.  Proper alignment and movement in the joints is vitally important to weak muscles and joints.  If any of these bones or joints are not in proper alignment or are not moving correctly, this can create pain, stiffness, weakness and instability.  It is especially important to the aging body to maintain proper joint function.  If you are over the age of 50 and suffering from any joint or muscle problems you need to be seeing a chiropractor.

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