Be Set Free Fast

Be Set Free Fast

This instruction is to my subconscious mind. Whenever I consciously notice any problem that I want to eliminate and I think or speak the cue word/phrase _____________, you will do the entire “Be Set Free Fast” treatment for me for that problem.

This means that you will eliminate all of the negative emotional roots and the belief systems and or physical pains or health problems involved in each problem that I choose and intent to treat. You will, simultaneously, eliminate every Post Traumatic Stress factor that is associated with each emotional root experience related to each problem that I treat.

You will do all this whether or not I consciously know what my problem is, and even when I cannot identify or describe the problem with words.

You will simultaneously treat and eliminate any and all other problems, at all levels of my mind, directly or indirectly, that have in any way contributed to, fed into, helped cause or set up or maintain this problem that I have noticed and intend for you to treat.

You will completely eliminate all of these problems whether or not I have programmed subconsciously to keep them, take them back, allow them back, permit them to return, or passively accept or receive them back in any way, shape or form.

You will do all of this for me from now on, for any problem that I have ever consciously noticed and intend to treat, whenever I initiate the treatment with any of my cues. You will do this for me with any and all cues that I tell you that I want to use. I simply need only notice a problem to initiate the treatment with my thought or with my voice by using any one of my cues.

You will include, in every treatment, the very first to the last time that I ever experienced any and all parts of whatever problem that I am signaling you of my intention for you to eliminate.

Whenever I treat for any anger, judgment, criticism and forgiveness and other negative attitudes that I had toward myself you will include in each of these treatments every anger and forgiveness toward myself that I may not have done in previous treatments. You will also include all Post Traumatic Stress factors that I did not include in any and all for my previous BSFF treatments, no matter how long ago they were treated.

Subconscious mind, by now you will do all of these things for me, no matter what condition or circumstance or situation that I am currently in or imagining or remembering. And I thank you for being my faithful servant.

*Read two times a day for three weeks.

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