Anxiety, Worry and Depression

By Dr. Wade Thompson

Tips to rid yourself of needless worry and stress. We need to retrain your mind to look to the positive. Your mind is like a funnel. You must catch the problem before it reaches the bottom of the funnel.

  1. Think about 5 things you are grateful for every morning.
    You can’t be depressed or anxious with a thankful heart.
  2. Participate in Emotional Release
    Ask Dr. Thompson or staff about this great technique!
  3. Be set free fast.
    Read the following affirmation 2 times a day for three weeks.
  4. Utilize the Sedona Method.
    Bring your anxiety to your chest and gut and ask…
    a. Could I let …….go?
    b. Would I let…… go?
    c. When?
    There is not correct answer, just let your mind work through the issue.
  5. Use pattern interruption
    a. Rubber band on wrist (flick your wrist to change your pattern of thinking.)
    b. Bite your cheek
    c. do something to elicit some pain to divert your mind. This will get your mind out of the funnel.
  6. Find and pursue what gives you joy
    a. Great books
    b. Good movies
    c. Sunlight
    d. Anything (law abiding) that brings you joy.
  7. Things to avoid
    a. Television or Radio News
    b. Newspapers
    c. Toxic people
    d. Anything that brings you down.
    e. Excessive sugar or caffeine
  8. Things to do
    a. Take a good B-complex (BSU is the best)
    b. 5-HTP is great for depression
    c. Let go of guilt that is weighting you down.
    d. Surround yourself with good things and positive people.

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